against the insult of Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdogan and desecration against the Historic Holy Cathedral of Hagia Sophia.


The Press and Public Relations Office issued the following announcement-call


All Greeks are called and invited to a pan-Hellenic mobilization of coordinated peaceful protest, TOGETHER, UNITED, SPIRITED to a pan-Hellenic and PanSocial wake-up call against the insult of the saints and sanctuaries attempted by Turkey and the deep expansionist with Pan-Islamic and Pan-Turkish dimension, state set up by the Neo-Ottoman Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.






On Friday, July 24, at 20:00 in Syntagma Square, the first public protest rally co-organized against the conversion of the historic Holy Cathedral & Metropolitan Church of Orthodox Christianity in Constantinople, of the Holy Wisdom of God, into a Muslim Mosque.

We owe, if nothing else, as conscious Greeks in Race and with living historical and national consciousness but also as conscious Orthodox, in addition to qualities, differences, social classes, ideologies and other entanglements, to testify in practice with unity and national solidarity our clear categorical reaction.

We are called to fight ALL GREEKS TOGETHER! to peacefully express our brutally offended feelings!

The pioneer in Struggles and Sacrifices with Blood Supreme Holy Clergy is called. Our Pastoral and Governing Hierarchy from one end of the nationally united Greece to the other. The Hierarchs of the Old and the New Countries. The hierarchs of the Brave Church of Crete. The Hierarchs of the Martyr Church of our Cyprus.

Above all, however, the World Greek academic community is called to a national awakening. The Greek living and working university community. The academics of our Cyprus. The Scientists of Greek Communities around the world!

All political bodies are invited to be present. The Society is called through Associations. Organizations. Municipalities. Communities. Regions. Collective entities. Think Tanks. Organizations and science centers. We must all give a dynamic and peaceful present!

We are called and invited to express our deep respect for the Saints of the Saints and national martyrs of our Nation against the insult of which is systematically attempted by the Turkish Islamic expansion!

We are called and invited to express vividly and modestly as befits its Sacred, His Church of Holy Wisdom of God, which does not respect the emerging neo-Ottoman Turkish expansionism and expansive religious fanaticism, insulting our religious feeling with the sacred and manifest desecration of the Holy Temple of the Holy Wisdom of God.

We are called once again to react to this religious, cultural and intercultural crime that is being attempted! All Greeks, the Genos and the conscience, together to express, with unity, strength, courage and bravery, as a force of popular and social deterrence the national solidarity expressing the strong reaction of our People to another act of barbarism.

Do not remain apathetic! Do not stay indifferent! Yesterday our Cyprus, today Hagia Sofia, tomorrow Kastelorizo and islands of vital interest with geopolitical and geo-economic strength for Greece, after we and our children’s children to be their slaves and their rays!

Barbarism and vulgarity against a historical religious and Architectural monument, a masterpiece of world heritage!

But also as Orthodox Faithful all over the world we have to give the living testimony of our living Faith in these difficult times and at the same time tragically painful.

The event is organized by a number of collectives and organizations under the state of absolutely justified expression of popular and social sincere spontaneous indignation, appreciating and taking into account that now is not the time of the leaders and the EGO but the time of the Greeks! It’s time of US! (the names of the participants will be announced with press release).

It is organized as an expression of feelings against the blatant violation of the acquis with blood and sacrifices, which the two peoples, of Greece and Turkey, in very difficult times, with even symbolic actions, such as the decision of the then newly built Turkish State under Mustafa Kemal, commonly referred to as Atatürk (father of the Turks), to appease the wrath of the civilized world from the painful and tragic events of that long and bloody period by attributing to humanity the Holy Wisdom of God, which in the consciousness of Christianity has been recorded as the Great Orthodox Holy Temple and Highest Christian World Heritage Site. With the barbaric but full of symbolism and sacred semiology, the newly built, then, Turkish (western type) secularized Republic that Mustafa Kemal was trying to establish is dismantled. A Republic that today is being officially decapitated by the bigoted and blasphemer of saints, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey, that with this decision, to turn the blood-stained Hagia Sophia into a Museum of World Heritage at that time, tried to mitigate the incurable and sad results of bloodshed, massacres and persecutions against the Greeks of Smyrna and Pontian Hellenism. This conquest of the two peoples, Greece and Turkey, Mustafa Kemal and Eleftherios Venizelos, comes today to demolish with hatred the extreme Turkish fundamentalism of deep Turkish expansionism!


The symbolic protest in which every Greek woman and man, every Orthodox, is called to take part, we want to be:

A living true manifestation of spontaneous feelings of anger and indignation against an act of even greater intensity and discrediting of the Christian world but also of insulting and discrediting Western Civilization!

A culture that the Turkish President systematically and ostentatiously provokes with his constant threats and actions against Greece and Cyprus and consequently against the European Family of which he sucks the money even though he wants to become a member of it one day.

The message of this event in which we invite all Greeks who want to participate, peacefully expressing the feeling of the Greeks and the Orthodox Christians owes and must be very clean! Clear! Crystal!

Clear and with multiple recipients!



  1. as a symbolic and substantial, but resounding response to the imperialist mentality of the regime of the neo-Ottoman pan-Turkic pan-Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, constituting a very clear and definite warning to any other further provocative action or threat attempted against the national and sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus. The friends and neighbors Turks, the people, with whom we have absolutely nothing, but also the leadership, which incites, threatens and constantly challenges the Greek world and the Orthodox People in general, must know that they will find us all united in front of them! All the Greek people. The Greek Nation as a whole! The Turkish leadership is facing the Greek people! And its powerful armed forces!

However, this event is addressed mainly and primarily to the interior of Greece and any other malicious person who, in any capacity, secretly and immune plans is being worked out, in the name of the Greek people, and in the absence of this people.

  1. as an essential message of determination to the interior of Greece and the ruling political and governmental administration of the country, in order for them to know clearly that Hellenism, inside and outside the Borders, will not accept a fait accompli! Will not accept the products of secret, vague and dark “diplomacy” in any attempt, even if it is a glimpse of national sovereignty. Hellenism everywhere in Earth and especially the Greek people within the walls will resist any attempt, let alone dare, of assignment in any form and in any diplomatic or political form to appear on issues of vital national interest for Greece, its geopolitical and geoeconomic influence in the Aegean, the Balkans and the Mediterranean basin.

This event, in which is called the Greek people from all over Greece to participate actively and dynamically, is also addressed

  1. To the rulers and leaders, but also to the bureaucrats of the European Union and to their institutions, so that they know that the EU owes, in addition to the wishes, the findings and the high but ineffective rhetoric against the Turkish Provocation, to protect in practice, and militarily if necessary, the acquis with blood and sacrifices of the Greek and Cypriot people. To protect in a direct and effective way the developed sensitive European and individual national sovereign rights, crucial to geopolitical perceptions and geoeconomic power interests of each of its member states, as well as the borders of each of its member states, such as Greece and Cyprus!

This event, however, in which is called without exception all the Greeks with a live historical national consciousness, is also addressed

  1. to all the great powers of the world, which were and want to integrate their states into the historical traditional allies of Greece, such as Russia, France, Great Britain that co-signed and recognized the borders of the first Greek state, but also to the equally strong and later allies, such as the US.

It is also addressed to

  1. any other superpower, of our multipolar world that has vital interests in the wider Balkans, the Mediterranean, but also in the New Middle East and directly realizes that if Turkish bigotry and expansionist Muslim fanaticism are left uncontrolled, then the consequences will be devastating for much of the Western world.


The plan of this event is in full progress the last few days. In subsequent posts detailed announcements will be issued about the persons and institutions involved in this great effort. As well as about the keynote speakers and those who will address brief greetings.


In the thoughts of the organizers is also the artistic aspect with events from our tradition.




From the Press & Public Relations Office


For information contact greece.first.2021@gmail.com

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